Interactive Tweeting Blogger


During the course of the semester, my eyes have been opened to the multifaceted nature of journalism. I was used to taking notes with a paper and a pen and writing an article for print. I have never had experience with video, journalistic blogs, etc. I think it’s great that you can see the imprints of journalism in these areas. I have learned the behind the scenes aspect of blogs, twitter and flip cameras. I thought blogs were simple and I didn’t think they were that big of a deal. I had a blog before but no one read my posts and I didn’t know that readership was important. The way blogs can include embedded links, pictures, titles and about me sections really amazes me and I now see why it has become popular. I also never really went on twitter before this class. I am amazed at the ways twitter can be used in emergencies and for breaking-news situations. I always thought it was just a place where people uploaded statuses about their feelings, I never thought it was a news HUB and was relied on for new information regarding current events. It just shows how we are moving into the digital age with everything. Finally, flip cameras were foreign to me. I had never even see one in real life until last week and I hadn’t heard of one until I read the chapter. However, I see how they are easy and convenient for interviews and podcasting. As the world of journalism becomes more technical, I am running to keep up. Below is a link I found to some helpful blogging advice.


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